This is an example of an Animated Text.
Options are bounce ,flash ,pulse ,rubberBand ,shake ,swing ,tada ,wobble ,bounceIn ,bounceInDown ,bounceInLeft ,bounceInRight ,bounceInUp ,bounceOut ,bounceOutDown ,bounceOutLeft ,bounceOutRight ,bounceOutUp ,fadeIn ,fadeInDown ,fadeInDownBig ,fadeInLeft ,fadeInLeftBig ,fadeInRight ,fadeInRightBig ,fadeInUp ,fadeInUpBig ,fadeOut ,fadeOutDown ,fadeOutDownBig ,fadeOutLeft ,fadeOutLeftBig ,fadeOutRight ,fadeOutRightBig ,fadeOutUp ,fadeOutUpBig ,flip ,flipInX ,flipInY ,flipOutX ,flipOutY ,lightSpeedIn ,lightSpeedOut ,rotateIn ,rotateInDownLeft ,rotateInDownRight ,rotateInUpLeft ,rotateInUpRight ,rotateOut ,rotateOutDownLeft ,rotateOutDownRight ,rotateOutUpLeft ,rotateOutUpRight ,hinge ,rollIn ,rollOut ,zoomIn ,zoomInDown ,zoomInLeft ,zoomInRight ,zoomInUp ,zoomOut ,zoomOutDown ,zoomOutLeft ,zoomOutRight ,zoomOutUp

And any text can be animated simply by changing an effect name, more info in Documentation!

Animate me!
Animate it

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