About SNE Building Systems, Inc.

Read about our history and evolution over the last 30+ years in the HVAC industry

Company Profile

We've been providing total building solutions to Connecticut and Western Massachusetts since 1986. 

Thirty plus years of automation and control expertise, including Professional Engineers, Certified Programmers, Licensed Electricians, Pneumatic Fitters, and Refrigeration Technicians.

We're locally owned with over 40 employees.

Our micro-pocessor based control systems demonstrate exceptional flexibility, extreme accuracy, and effortless front end interface design.

Control lines include IA Series Niagara Frameworks (LonWorks, BacNet, ModBus), Reliable Controls, and SmartStruxure.

Interface to existing proprietary protocols such as Johnson Controls, Siemens, Trane, Carrier, York, etc.


Why Choose Us?

  • SNE Building Systems' field proven advanced control system solutions lower your risk and saves you money that might be spent on fail-proofing other systems.
  • SNE Building Systems, Inc. has provided continuously current technology since 1986, with an investment in R&D and Service Programs. We provide the lowest lifecycle cost of ownership - which means improved return on your investment.
  • SNE Building Systems' 30-plus years of automation and controls expertise, with hundreds of installed systems provide you reliable performance results.
  • SNE Building Systems, Inc. provides a vast array of services to help system users maximize their benefits, improve economic performance, and make a difference to the bottom line.

Company History

Over 100 Years of HVAC Service and Engineering Experience

Since the late 1800’s Barber-Colman, based in Rockford, Illinois, has brought together innovative individuals, engineering excellence, and a keen understanding of the HVAC industry’s needs to offer the marketplace the most comprehensive, quality line of HVAC controls and Building Management systems. The company has become an internationally-known manufacturer of highly reliable Automatic Control Systems. In 1989, Barber-Colman was acquired by Siebe, llc, based in Windsor, UK, as part of a planned international expansion of their controls holdings. Siebe also acquired Robertshaw (commercial HVAC and appliance controls), Ranco (refrigeration controls), Paragon (Time clocks) and the Massachusetts-based Foxboro Company (industrial controls). Siebe maintains engineering centers in Rockford, IL and Richmond, VA and manufactures its products in Rockford. Siebe products are quality certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO-9001).

Serving the Hartford/Springfield market for over 60 years

Barber-Colman has been represented in the Connecticut and Western Mass markets for over sixty years. Originally a wholly-owned branch office, in 1986 Barber-Colman transformed the branch into a “joint venture” known as Barber-Colman Cosentino, Inc. In 1995, we acquired Selco Inc., the local Robertshaw representative, and took the name Siebe Environmental Controls SNE, Inc. to reflect our company’s representation of both of Siebe’s major product lines in Southern New England.In February of 1999, Siebe and British Tire and Rubber - another leading British diversified engineering company - merged to form T.A.C. PLC, a world-class engineering group with global leadership in the high- and value-added controls and automation industry. In 2005, the company is renamed to SNE Building Systems, Inc. after acquiring local ownership from Invensys PLC. In 2006, Invensys PLC sells to T.A.C. (division of Schneider Electric) which resulted in SNE Building Systems, Inc. becoming an authorized representative of T.A.C. I/A (division of Schneider Electric).

SNE Building Systems, Inc. has seen constant growth since its inception. SNE Building Systems, Inc. employs over 50 people, including a field force of Automation Technicians, Licensed Pneumatic Fitters, Licensed Electricians, and Licensed Refrigeration Technicians. SNE Building Systems, Inc. serves many public municipalities, health care, bio-technology, commercial office, health care and industrial markets. As a single-source supplier for all of your facility management requirements, we are dedicated to on-going “support” to ensure that the programs implemented will continue to perform as well, if not better than, the day they were implemented.

Mission Statement

SNE Building Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing building owners with affordable solutions to their energy managemant, system integration, automated facilities equipment control needs. Our competent, committed and goal-oriented workforce meets this challenge by maximizing resources to provide solutions within the confines of the customer's budget.


  • Comprehensive:

    • Includes all equipment and all services.


  • Forward Thinking:

    • Finding ways to the lower installed cost.


  • Accountable:

    • Simplifying project execution and reducing project risk.


  • Grounded in Experience: 

    • People united with technology - resulting in productivity.


  • Committed: 

    • Personal participation - dedicated to project success