Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Environmental Control Systems

We provide, install and service a vast array of Automatic Temperature Control and Energy Management solutions to a wide range of commercial, industrial and building customers.

We specialize in Building Automation Systems, Environmental Control Systems, Automatic Temperature Controls and HVAC Equipment Service and Retrofit.  

Having combined the products, resources, and technology of I/A Series Niagara Frameworks, Barber-Colman Company and Robertshaw Controls Company, SNE Building Systems, Inc. offers over 200 years of experience in the HVAC field.

SNE Building Systems' 30-plus years of Automation expertise and hundreds of systems installed in the region provide you guaranteed performance results.  SNE Building Systems' field-proven control solutions will lower your risk and lower your installed cost.  Our easy-to-use software products are proven in numerous applications.

Within this section of our web site you will find all the products and resources you'll need to meet virtually any HVAC control application requirement.

SNE Products & Services

  • Environmental Control Systems
    We manufacture, install and service a vast array of Automatic Temperature Control Systems.  From residential homes to skyscrapers.
  • Building Automation Systems
    We manufacture, install and maintain a variety of building automation systems for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers.
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions
    Upon completion of the IAQ investigation, SNE Building Systems will provide the owner with a specific action plan outlining necessary steps to solve the IAQ problem.  Our extensive network of service personnel will affect repairs and modifications in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • OTC Parts Supply
    With regional access to over a million dollars of inventory in stock at all times, we can deliver the components and parts you need to keep your system up and running.
  • Service and Support
    Our Service Department is committed to the smooth and successful operation of your system.
  • Factory Certified Training
    Our state of the art Satellite Training Facility helps customers maximize the benefits of their systems by providing comprehensive technical instruction on a variety of systems and components
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